• Epic Drive Wheels

    • Design

      With our patented solution, Epic Drive provides electric drive to pick carts and trolleys with a working load up to 400kg. Epic Drive provides intuitive driving behavior, fluent acceleration and deceleration and integrated safety functionality.

    • EDW1 and EDW2

      EDW1 and EDW2

    • EDW5


    • Developments in Warehousing

      According to research, 80% of warehousing operations in Europe are still predominantly manually operated. Despite the high visibility of automation use cases, most daily operations are still executed by warehouse operators, order pickers and item shoppers.

      Automating order pick operations are based on high volume, homogenous items and products. In operations with widely varying products or throughput volume, full automation is simply to expensive or risky to implement. Epic Drive helps you bridging this gap between manual and automated.