• Rolling at the Speed of Life with Colson

    • To learn more about the partnership between Epic Drive and Colson, we interviewed Ernst-Jan Venema to share his perspective. Ernst-Jan is general manager at Colson Europe B.V., the world’s leading caster manufacturer. He has over 20 years of experience in the caster industry. Colson and Epic Drive are working together to grow the market for electric wheels and Ernst-Jan has been leading the partnership between Colson and Epic Drive.

    • Why did you initiate the partnership with Epic Drive?

      I recognized early on that adding electric drive requires a completely different business model. Of course, we know everything there is to know about wheels, compounds, surfaces and applications and we ensure that our customers are ‘rolling at the speed of life’. But electric drive is not only about adding a motorized wheel, but also adding and integrating electronics, batteries and a whole range of safety requirements. That’s why I decided that teaming up with Epic Drive would be the best way forward.

      Why does the partnership work?

      Because it’s win-win, and we can grow the pie together. We have built a long-term collaboration with the Epic Drive team, as we are very much complementary to each other. Epic Drive helps our customers take the step to create more efficiency, safety and ease for their employees. This is also beneficiary for the relationship we have with them. We support Epic Drive with our knowledge and provide them with the perfect casters for any situation. Epic Drive joins us at current & potential customers and various trade shows to demonstrate their products.

      What is the potential for electric wheels for the industry?

      I think we are just at the forefront of an enormous shift in how we approach manual labor. Robotics are a huge market for us, but we often forget that the overwhelming majority of warehouses and factories are still predominantly manually operated. With an aging workforce and more focus on ergonomics and safety, the market potential is there.

    • Where can we find Colson?

      We will be on the Bakkersvak March 1-3 in Gorinchem, the Netherlands and you can find us together with Epic Drive on the Technishow March 17-20 in Utrecht. But I would also like to invite anyone who is interested to learn more about our casters to visit us in Veenendaal.

      Colson Group is the largest manufacturer and distributor of caster and wheel products in the world. Over 1,600 global employees support Colson Group’s leading product portfolio and proprietary global value chain. Colson has 25 facilities and from a global presence 192.000 casters are shipped daily.

    • Rolling at the Speed of Life