• Celebrating Entrepreneurship

    • Innovation Top 100 winners from the province of Gelderland were invited by the Gelderland Provincial Executive Christianne van der Wal at the ‘Provinciehuis’ in Arnhem. The event was a celebration of regional entrepreneurship and innovation. No less than 14 Gelderland SMEs were received at the provincial government office.

      Van der Wal: “We want the entrepreneurs to know how important they are, how proud we are and to listen to what SMEs need, or not, from the government. Because one thing is clear, innovation comes primarily from entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur gave the tip to provide more platform so that they can earn back their investments as quickly as possible. Of course, we take the rest of the good ideas to heart!”

      Epic Drive, 28th on the national ranking and 4th on the Gelderland ranking was, present at the event. The management team of Epic Drive was happy to share their experience and exchange ideas with fellow entrepreneurs. Jeroen Bolt, Business Development Director, explains: “Innovation doesn’t emerge in isolation. By exchanging ideas in various networks, we are able to test new ideas and reflect on our business. We find it important to connect with local government to ensure the right conditions for entrepreneurship are met, such as access to skilled labor and accessibility to international markets.”