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    We deliver customized solutions that lead to increased employee satisfaction and improved productivity.

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    • Our Capabilities

      We take pride in craftmanship: Everyday our Epic Drive team is creating high quality products for our customers. Attention to detail, designed and produced in-house, executed with perfection. 

    • An innovative, patented design, creating a unique, powerful driving behaviour in an very compact design.

    • Completing your Epic Drive Wheels with our Wheelsets, which you can use as building blocks for an optimized solution.

    • A variety of CE-certified, tested picking carts and warehouse trolleys, ready to increase picking productivity as well as improve employee satisfaction through ergonomic design.

    • With our experienced team, we are capable of integrating electric drive into your installed base as well as new products.

    • "Reinventing the Wheel - Experience Epic Drive"

      Advance your products into the future with Epic Drive

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    • Experience Electric Drive with Epic Drive

      Advance your product to the next level and make it future proof by integrating Epic Drive.

    • Years of extensive testing and development

      With millions of test cycles and thousand of kilometers driven, EPic Drive provides a trusted and solid solution for electric drive.

    • Proven to increase productivity

      Customers indicate positive business cases and improved satisfaction with the intuitive driving experience.

    • Recognized as one of the most innovative companies

      In 2019, Epic Drive was selected by an industry jury to the top 100 most innovative companies in the Netherlands.

    • Building for the long term with strong partners

      Colson Group International, the world's biggest wheel manufacturer, partners with Epic Drive to provide the most rounded offering in castors and electric drive wheels.

    • New Project for HEMA

      06/08/2020 | News
      New Project for HEMA

      Just before the summer holidays the Epic Drive team delivered an order of customized picking carts for HEMA. Light weight and easily maneuverable, facilitating improved picking productivity and healthier orderpickers.  A great result for the team as they managed to design, test and ...

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    • Breaking New Ground for Epic Drive

      After 4 months working predominantly COVID proof from his home in Breda, Niklas Mulderij finished his internship at Epic Drive. Niklas is a student at the Breda University for Applied Science (BUas) where he studies both International Logistics Engineering and International Logistics ...

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    • Rolling at the Speed of Life with Colson

      To learn more about the partnership between Epic Drive and Colson, we interviewed Ernst-Jan Venema to share his perspective. Ernst-Jan is general manager at Colson Europe B.V., the world’s leading caster manufacturer. He has over 20 years of experience in the caster industry. Colson and Epic ...

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